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featured Post:

Tell Us About Yourself.  My name is Tiana, and I am a government contractor and work as a program analyst at the U.S. Department of State. I work on the (J-1) Exchange Visitor Program in the academic program categories. Approximately 300,000 foreigners from over 200 countries come to the U.S. each year on J-1 visas. […]

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Tell us about yourself My name is Naria and I am a Program Assistant with Dexis Consulting Group as a U.S. Agency of International Development (USAID) Contractor. I work in USAID’s Asia Bureau on the Strategic Planning and Operations team in Washington, D.C. What lead you to your current position? When I finished my senior […]

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The last time I wrote an actual blog post…seems like forever ago. If you’re new to this space, welcome! Glad that you are here. Get comfortable, relax…pull up a chair. I first started this corner on the internet, back in 2013, during my senior year of college. I was running a 10k and I wanted […]

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