I'm Chelsea!

so who am I?

I'm a U.S. diplomat (a.k.a. Foreign Service Officer). I call the United States home, but I’ve been fortunate to live and work in India, Spain, China, and Vietnam while traveling to neighboring countries.

I wasn’t always a world explorer

Growing up, I dreamed about cruising the Nile, sleeping under the stars of the Sahara Desert, and walking on the Great Wall of China. Not only did I desire to travel the world, I wanted to get paid doing so. 

But I thought my dreams were the stuff of fairy tales because I only knew few who traveled, let alone who did so for a living. I didn’t think I could afford it. 

My life did a complete 180 when I studied in India during my junior year of college. Girl. Let me tell you, it was a game changer. It was nothing I experienced before. I lived my best life floating on a houseboat in Kerala, eating bomb food like naan and tandoori chicken, and spending hours talking to my Indian classmates, under a fan in their dorm rooms. 

I. Was. Hooked. India, unlocked the door to the rest of the world, changing my life forever. It gave me courage to pack two suitcases and move to a little town outside of Madrid, where few spoke English, and I didn’t know a soul. I went on to have experiences around the world that I used to pray for and dream about.

I firmly believe we do not live this life for ourselves, but to encourage and uplift others. I promised myself that if my dreams ever came true, I would reach back and help others fulfill their wildest dreams.

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my mission is to:

Empower and encourage you to travel with confidence

Connect women of color and first-generation passport holders to career and academic opportunities in international affairs

Educate people about the Foreign Service

It is to see women, like yourself, be bold, confident powerhouses who travel, and sit at tables around the world where decisions are being made. Sis, you are loved beyond measure and you definitely matter. If I can convince you to be fearless in your pursuit of your dreams, it’s a win for both you and me.

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Where did you go to school and what did you study?

What is a diplomat? Where can I learn about the Foreign Service?

What advice would you give to your high school or college self?

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A lot of prayer and hard work.

I write all about My story here

Undergrad: Juniata (June-ee-ah-tah) College
B.S. Degree: Sociology and History

Grad: American University
M.A. Degree: Intercultural and International Communication

A diplomat is a person who represents their country overseas. You can learn more about the Foreign Service by clicking here


First, relax. Things will work out. I would also tell myself to learn several languages and definitely study abroad.

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