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Co-Vid 19 has destroyed everyone’s travel plans. I share how I’m coping during the pandemic, and a few travel tips for the day we can all fly again. 



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My semester in India changed my life forever! It’s led me to work in Vietnam, China, and Spain. If you’re a student, I definitely encourage you to let study abroad change your life forever, too.



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Girl, I know, money does make the world go round. However, I want to let you know that you don’t have to be rich to see the world. I’m certainly not. If your goal is to experience all the world has to offer, there are ways to do it.

suffering from


girl, I got you!

Wanna get paid to travel the world? I’ve put together a guide for anyone who’s looking to escape the ordinary and go on an adventure... on someone else’s dime.

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Don’t Travel Unprepared

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