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Why I’m On The Internet Hey Travelers! If you’re new to this space, welcome! Glad that you are here. Get comfortable, relax…pull up a chair. I’ll explain why I have a blog and YouTube channel. Why am I on the internet? I first started in this corner on the internet, back in 2013, during my […]

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Celebrating Small Victories: Using Chopsticks Hey Travelers! Sometimes celebrating small victories, includes feeding yourself. It keeps you going in challenging situations. How I ate before coming to China was second nature. To pick up food all you have to do is stab it with a fork, scoop it with a spoon, or slice it with […]

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The Time I Missed My Immigration Appointment I am on the train in Madrid and I feel defeated. This week in particular has been challenging for me. I haven’t cried much during my two months living abroad, but this week holds the record. Between school and private classes, from Monday to Thursday, I have been […]

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Hey Travelers! I have a little over a week until I move to Spain. And I gotta’ say, at this stage in my journey, moving abroad… it feels like I’m waiting in line to get on one of those crazy rides at a theme park. I have written this piece below. Moving to Spain… It […]

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