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Introduction Hey Travelers! In today’s article and video, we dive into the world of international career opportunities with the military. We have two special guests, Rob and Jalisa, who are currently stationed in Cambodia. Rob is a fellow FSO (Foreign Service Officer) with military experience, while Jalisa serves in the Navy as a medical professional. […]

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in international relations and seeking opportunities to travel boldly with confidence? Applying for international relations (IR) scholarships and fellowships can be a significant step toward realizing your goals. In this article and video, we will discuss valuable fellowship and scholarship tips to enhance your chances of securing the […]

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Hey Travelers! In this article and video, we are going to be exploring the interesting world of international social work, its diverse career paths, and how to embark on a journey in this field. Sojourner White, the founder of Sojournies, is an international social worker passionate about travel, social justice, and global affairs. We have […]

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