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Introduction Hey Travelers! In this article and video we will explore the essential requirements and key aspects of joining the Foreign Service. Whether you’re considering a career in diplomacy or simply curious about the process, I’ve compiled answers to your frequently asked questions to help you navigate this career path effectively. Foreign Service Language Requirements […]

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Are you curious about diplomacy and dream of being a diplomat? This blog post/video is for you. I interviewed Sheryl Pinkney Moss, who spent 25 years as a Foreign Service Officer. She worked in many countries, like China, Peru, Jordan, and the Netherlands. In our interview, we talked about diplomacy, the Commercial Service, Sheryl’s experiences, […]

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In Case You’ve Missed It Check Out How To Get Used To The Idea Of Traveling How To Pack A Carryon For 1-2 Week Trip  12 Travel Money Mistakes To Avoid

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