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featured Post:

Hey Travelers! If you’re an American living overseas, participating in Federal elections is not only your right but also your civic duty. In this article and video, we will break down the process of voting abroad as an American citizen. Whether you’re a seasoned expat or someone born outside the U.S., we’ll provide you with […]

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Hey Travelers! In this article and video, we will hear about the amazing journey of Paige Miller, a black expat who lived in Asia. Paige, also known as Soulful Paige, is an English teacher who spent three years in South Korea as part of the EPIK (English Program in Korea) program. We will learn about […]

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Hey Travelers! I had the privilege of interviewing Itiah Thomas. Itiah is an American expat living in Australia who recently received dual citizenship. In the above video, she talks about how she moved to Australia, her experiences of being African American in Brisbane, and what she loves about Australian culture. Whether you’re considering a move […]

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