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featured Post:

My First Tour As A Diplomat Hey Travelers! My journey as a Foreign Service Officer has been a rollercoaster filled with challenges and unexpected turns. Today, I want to share my personal experience of my journey to Brazil, my first diplomatic assignment. Over two years, I faced trials, learned invaluable lessons, and discovered the beauty […]

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Hey Travelers! Welcome to my comprehensive guide on how to become a U.S. diplomat. If you’re new here, I’m Chelsea, and I’m passionate about helping underrepresented groups find travel career opportunities in international affairs. In this article and video, we will explore the various paths to becoming a U.S. diplomat and provide valuable insights into […]

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Diplomat Life – 4th Of July Edition Hi Travelers! Today I show you what a day in the life of a diplomat is like. I had the chance to be the volunteer coordinator of this year’s 4th of July party. It was the first 4th of July event we had since the pandemic. And, it […]

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How I Became A U.S. Diplomat Hey Travelers! I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would have a chance to represent my country as a U.S. diplomat. It is an honor and privilege of a lifetime. In the article and video below, we delve into my journey of how I became a U.S. […]

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