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featured Post:

Written in 2014 Everything in China is different: the language, the toilets, the utensils, the food, etc. But surprisingly, I am content (I know this is largely due to staying with my friend Melissa and her husband. Thank you Melissa if you’re reading this!!) Even when I arrived in Beijing on my own a week […]

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I wanted to go in December. I didn’t go because I didn’t have anyone to go with me. In February fear stopped me. I didn’t know how I would make the trip work and who I would go with. I was worried for my safety; I didn’t know the right time to go; the list […]

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Written November 26, 2013: I am on the train in Madrid and I feel defeated. This week in particular has been challenging for me. I haven’t cried much during my two months living abroad, but this week holds the record. Between school and private classes, from Monday to Thursday, I have been running back and […]

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