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featured Post:

While considering the option to study abroad, you may have doubts as to whether or not this experience is for you. Below, common myths about study abroad are addressed. I want to arm you with information so you can make an informed decision about whether or not studying abroad is right for you. Study Abroad […]

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How To Afford Study Abroad Do you want to study overseas but not sure if you can afford study abroad? Below, discover 13 tips make study abroad more affordable. 1. Find A Program That Is All-Inclusive The study abroad program that I chose provided housing. I stayed in a dorm, it had a meal plan, […]

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How To Get A Study Abroad Scholarship Hey Travelers! So you want to win a study abroad scholarship and have the time of your life overseas? Well, before you live your best life studying abroad, you have to pay for the experience. One way to pay for your study abroad experience is by getting a […]

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