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37 Life-Changing Study Abroad Quotes Hey Travelers! Are you studying abroad and want to know some life-changing study abroad quotes that can help you while you’re overseas? Today, this post is all about life-changing study abroad quotes. These 11 motivational life abroad quotes, can help you when life gets tough during your study abroad journey. […]

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study abroad packing list

68 Top Study Abroad Packing List Essentials Hey Travelers! If you are studying abroad soon, here are 11 of the top study abroad packing list essentials you will need to make your time abroad a breeze. This study abroad packing list is different from the other packing lists found on the internet. I dare to […]

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11 Fully Funded International Relations Student Programs Hey Travelers! The world is your oyster. There are a ton of international affairs fellowships and programs which offer exciting opportunities to students and professionals. The student programs listed here and mentioned in the video, focus on critical language studies, national security, and international affairs. These student programs […]

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How To Pick Your College Major I’m sort of freaking out because I thought I knew what I wanted my college major to be, but after taking 1st Semester classes I’m having doubts about my decision. I have a few things in mind that might be possibilities but I don’t want to waste my parents’ […]

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