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I remember thinking it was impossible to work for the federal government. Now that I am on the other side, I want to help others. I created this guide because I want to see you win too. While this is not a comprehensive list, the information below could serve as a starting point to help […]

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As of October 2018, I have interned and worked in the United States, India, Spain, China, and Vietnam. Truth be told, there are different ways to do this and there are many industries you can go into.  My biggest advice about pursuing a travel career? Have patience… Remember, nothing is going to happen overnight.  For […]

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What is it? Human rights are basic freedoms that all people should have regardless of their nationality, sex, race, ethnicity, or religion. People shouldn’t be discriminated against for who they are. If you want to advocate on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable populations, consider studying human rights.  Job Titles Within Human Rights Grant Writer […]

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