9 Experiences A Black Woman May Have Abroad

  1. AA says:

    Love this! Thank you for this article. I intend to show it to my daughter since next month we are bidding on our new post with a different foreign affairs agency and are stepping out of [my/our] comfort zone of Sub-Saharan Africa to SE Asia perhaps.

  2. Every time I’ve been abroad something bad has happened. I get treated like, at the very least, that I’m “lying” about having an education and having come there to teach Maths; in England I was mistaken for having come there to teach English instead of Maths because I “look too stupid to be good at Maths”. And naturally England doesn’t want anyone with the North American “accent” teaching English in their country, you know .That’s unheard of. It makes you “not qualified.” But they ASSUMED I was “not qualified” in Maths, either, even though I had sent on ahead my transcripts from YALE UNIVERSITY, for God’s sake. I get a lot of grief over that, too, I get a lot of “how’d you get into Yale, I thought you had to be smart to get into Yale.” I get that even here Stateside on a regular basis. Not just England and then France and Germany. And then Mexico. When I went down there I got almost immediately robbed (not raped, though; that didn’t happen until after I’d gotten robbed of all my money in France). In France I got robbed of all my money out of my wallet, and then later on my passport, and of course raped from winding up sleeping in the train station for having literally no other choice as all the “charities” that put people up for free only take refugees and asylum-seekers. Those are statuses for which no one from either North American country qualifies, as our countries are considered “safe” even for blacks and are, after all, the countries that “the rest of the world” is “dying’ to get IN to. Everywhere i go I get treated like they’re outraged that I should LEAVE my, what they consider, “paradise.” It never ceases to amaze me that abroad, you will get hit with that attitude of “how dare you leave America” even though they can see you’re “black” or brown or at any rate not White. The world thinks America is some sort of “paradise” even for its Aboriginals and Blacks and will make your life a living nightmare abroad until they drive you BACK HOME. I’ve been treated like “go back where you came from!” in so many countries, naturally none of which would HELP me to do so after I’d gotten robbed of all my money and passport. All they do is send you to “your Embassy” which of course also does nothing if you don’t have money with you – the American Embassy in Amsterdam refused to issue me an emergency “get you back home” travel document since I had no money and no way to get any without a bank account or credit or debit card short of, what did they expect, bank robbery? I’ve wound up panhandling (to no avail, being “black” and “American” I’d just sit there and get laughed at and made fun of if not outright attacked).
    Oh and let’s see, the being raped part. That was from the fact that I “attract” nothing but Africans and Arabs whenever I’m overseas in countries that are running rampant with those nationalities. Then again I think I’d attract the only damn African rape-mentality thugs even in some place like Siberia. People from a “culture” where they think a black woman has no right to say NO to an African man because that’s HER doing something to HIM, sort of rubbish. Or that I “belonged” to him just because I started TALKING to him, sort of thing. I grew up in a different “culture” in the 1970’s and 80’s then these people that Europe is flooded with nowadays. I didn’t “belong’ to ANYBODY let alone just any black MAN who saw me and fancied me. Then I go over to Europe thinking I’m there for a PhD in Biophysics and get treated like a walking body part by some damn thug from a culture that thinks that what I think I’m “for” is not what THEY think I’m “for,” sort of thing. Oh and me being a lesbian, completely out of the question to those people. They say France and even Germany are “liberated” in that regard, but not when you’re Black or look “black” and fending off Black Africans and Arabs who apparently think you look like they own you or something. I could write a book about this. A horror story.

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